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The good ship MARY in Tivoli

Sail away with Rasmus Klump and his friends in Tivoli

With the restoration and renewal of the Mary playground in Tivoli Amusement Park, the good ship Mary is ready for new adventures with you on board as a sailor's sailor.


You can go exploring the "island" and see how high you can reach up the whale Ursula's giant tail fin, or you can go to the other end of the "island" with the risk of being blown into the water, as the whale is just now spraying a huge column of water out of its blowhole.

From the top of the column, you can slide all the way into the sea.

Once in the water, try to get up between the waves to the ship again, it requires good balance.

Fortunately, if you want to show your mum and dad around the ship, there is an easy shortcut through the waves or maybe you will find the hole that was punched at the bottom of Mary where you can crawl in.

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