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Intriguing Vessels from the Outer Space has landed in Gothenburg

In the outskirts of Gothenburg in a residential area of Bergsjön, Hampus has now made sure that friendly minded Space Travelers from the future and earthlings can finally meet, hang out and have fun together.


The playground is made in cooperation with Familjebostäder i Göteborg AB, and they had a strong wish for a playground that would not “only” be fun and challenging but could also serve as a landmark and a social gathering point for all people living in the surrounding area.

Drawing on inspiration from the name of the building area: Rymdtorget, the playground is designed on the idea that friendly Space Travelers has taken the trip from a parallel universe to visit our lovely blue planet with the purpose of exchanging knowledge, with us through smiles and fun challenges.

The residential area Bergsjön is a socially burdened area, which has now acquired a nice and inspiring park in which to meet with social activity and playfulness.

A 10-meter-high Rocket and Spaceship are the centerpieces of the playground.  Inside the vessels we have designed a great variety of exciting climbing elements by installing Mikado and platforms that will for sure be a great challenge for kinds in all ages. When you have finally reached the top, you are able to go for a daring stroll and enjoy the nice view 8 meter above ground level inside the grid tunnels.

We hope that the design and layout will serve as a catalyst for a lot of playful stories to come alive on the playground for many years to come.

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