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The green post mill in Holbæk

With this post mill, we have created a universe where the children’s imagination can be unleashed and where they can unfold physically, while at the same time creating role-play.

The area is focused on physical play and climbing, both high and low, and contains,

in addition to the mill, mill blades, climbing nets and balance elements.


Under the mill we find a small labyrinth with climbing walls in all possible angles and shapes.

The different ramps and climbing walls cater for different climbing challenges and difficulty levels, so there is something to work at for everyone and thus built-in incentives to test yourself.


Well up in the mill you now experience a mikado-like interior of natural shaped beams and ropes that lead up to the top floor all the way up under the roof. From here you can enjoy the view or hoist sand up into the mill, which can then be sent down through a system of channels and funnels, to finally sprinkle out at the bottom of the mill and down into the fall sand again.


Unfortunately, the blade has fallen off the mill!! Fortunately for you, it has landed in a position that creates a great opportunity for you to climb it.  Enjoy!!

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