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Can a climbing tower look like a flower?

We have a motto that goes: "Why make it straight when you can wriggle?"

We don't wish to make it easy for ourselves. Our goal is to create the best possible inspiration for children to develop their imagination.

That's why we constantly challenge ourselves, by building “impossible” constructions.


The answer is "YES!" – We can build a giant flower that you can climb around in.


The flower stalk is transparent because it has lattices all around. It is fun to climb through the staggered ledges inside the stalk and experience how the view changes as you ascend. The flower itself is a small labyrinth that can be climbed over.  The flower bud in the middle is a stainless steel grille where you can sit and enjoy the view.


At the top, you are now about 9.5 meters above the ground. From here there is a fantastic views of the entire area.


Not everyone dares to climb all the way here, but that's also what makes this construction something extra special. It can inspire the biggest kids (including adults) to play and explore.

The giant flower is connected to the giant tree by a lattice tunnel, and a thick oak plank with lattices on the sides and roof.

On the other side, there is a lattice tunnel leading to the High Tower.

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