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BonBon Land

A tribute to Henry the Dog

On the occasion of Bonbon Land's 30th birthday, Hampus was asked to design and build a themed playground centered around one of the main characters in the Bonbon-land universe, Henry the dog.

​It resulted in this unique playground that you will definitely not find anywhere else in the world.

With a size of 8x7 meters and a weight around 1.5tons, Henry is now a natural centerpiece of the playground, which also includes a doghouse, a dog bowl, and delicious biscuits on springs.

​You can climb into Henry by choosing one of the three different entrances, which are designed with the aim of creating a great challenges for children of all ages.


​Once you have entered Henry, you can climb into his brain and around the big belly.

Get back down to earth by taking the big slide in the rear end.

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