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The giant flower castle in Björkås

This playground is designed as a giant flower that grows from the hill at the residential area and out onto the playground.

The bridge is the flower stalk that you can walk onto and experience together. At the end of the stalk you will find the flower bud, here you will find benches from which you can sit and enjoy the children's lively play or you can be invited by the children's joy to participate.


From the flower bud grow the petals of the flower, which are the play frames, where children, young people and adults can play and have fun experiences together.


By designing the playground in this way, we are bringing people out into the middle of the playground on a high bridge and creating a space for transverse alignment through the generations. In this way, adults - both parents and grandparents - end up in the middle of the game and thus become an active part of it.

Children also like to relax - sometimes, but most of the time they are active, and there are good opportunities for this playground. We have arranged the content so that there is a playground for all age groups, for wild play and quiet play, for role-playing and for prison games.

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