Our process

1. First meeting

4. Finished design

6+7. Installation & celebration

2+3. Design meetings and sketching

5. Production

Process step by step . . .

1. First meeting

The dialogue between Hampus and the client is established and a presentation of Hampus’ design and concept is presented.


The client wishes and ambitions are discussed and the further process will most often be based on one these three scenarios:


A. The client has already decided a certain design - often projects with Intellectual properties, and want Hampus to create extraordinary play value for the project.

B. The client has ideas and themes that they want Hampus to create a unique design.

C. The client has no preferences and wants Hampus to design proposal for a bespoke solution.


2. Creation of design


The design team initiates our costumized design proces to create a play area that incoorporates the wishes of the client. For this a close cooperation with our clients is important. The initial ideas will be presented to the client and through a number of iterations the overall idea will take shape.

3. Sketches and finished design


At this point Hampus will create a 3D-model of the design for all to be able to visualize and comprehend the often complex and unusual shapes. This will be accompagnied by photos, illustrations and text to describe all details of the concept.

4. Presentation


The architect presents the finished design to the client. The client provides feedback on the design.


5. Production

After feedback and corrections, the craftsmen begin production of the playground. During production, testing and documentation will be conducted according to EN1176, ISO 9001 and 14001.


6. Installation

When the playground is built, the elements are designed to fit transportation either by truck or shipping containers. After transportation the elements will be installed at the desired location. After the installation, the playground will be tested and approved by the client.

7. Celebration of the playground!

Finally, we celebrate the playground in collaboration with the client and a lot of happy children.


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