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Burlöv - Borggatan

A green and lush Oasis


When the municipality of Burlövs wanted to give a boost to their worn-out playground, we found inspiration in the green surroundings to create an enchanting playground.

The theme of the playground is a green and lush oasis.

Here the diligent and good-natured bumblebees thrive, a great opportunity for the smaller kids who wish to climb a bee.

The fine peonies also thrive in the oasis, so they have grown huge, which especially the older children will be able to benefit from when they need an extra challenge for their climbing games.

Tucked away behind the tall grass, you'll find an adventurous climbing frame with tower, lattice tunnel and spider webs.

​The path around the playground goes up to the top of a hill where a bridge is located. From here people with disabilities are also able to drive across the bridge to the tower and participate in the games.

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